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Casting Acceptance

Congratulations! You have been selected to learn a part or parts in The Nutcracker! 

Casting will be determined by the fit of the costume as well as by your progress in rehearsal and will be posted regularly starting in late October. All dancers must be available for every performance (including school performances) in the event their alternate becomes ill. 

Complete Production Forms and Make Production Fee Payment 

Please PRINT THIS PAGE for reference and complete the required Product Form and Product Fee Payment (see options below) by September 22, 2019 or your first rehearsal, whichever comes first. 

  1. Complete Production Forms Online by clicking the ACCEPT button below.
    1. We ask that you complete the acceptance process and answer the production forms questions online.  At the end you can pay with a credit card.  If you prefer to provide a check or cash, you must bring that to the CODA office during rehearsal times this weekend (Sat 9/21 or Sun 9/22).  You may access printable Production Forms here (only necessary if you do not complete online): PRODUCTION FORM >.
  2. Payment information (see above).  Please bring any checks for volunteer and cleaning duties (they will be returned once you complete your hours) to the CODA office by Sunday, 9/22.


The Rehearsal Schedule will be posted as well on a weekly basis on our COMPANY MEMBER PORTAL >. Please know your rehearsal schedule so it will not be necessary to call the CODA office for this information.  SCHEDULE FOR THE FIRST WEEKEND WILL BE SENT VIA EMAIL BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20.

* Please review frequently for updates. We are putting together a master schedule for the entire run, but please note that it is often adjusted each week if necessary so you must check frequently for updates. That master schedule will be posted no later than the first wek of rehearsals.


Some understudies will actually perform the role this year; some won’t. At the very least, the dancer has the opportunity to be part of that rehearsal and practice the role. As choreography becomes more difficult, dancers often begin as an understudy, especially at the junior corps and corps de ballet levels. Dancers and parents who see this opportunity in the positive way in which it is offered will make progress, even if it is only to prepare the dancer to continue and strive for a goal the following year.


On Saturday, September 21, the Artistic Staff will do a line-up and determine anticipated A/B casting for all pre-professional roles. On Sunday, September 22 the line-up for all  children’s roles except Mini-Mice and Reindeer (will be announced at first rehearsal) will be determined. Dancers are put into the same anticipated cast as their siblings, parents, etc. 

Cast A performs on Thursday and Saturday (12/12 and 12/14)

Cast B performs on Friday and Sunday (12/13 and 12/15). 

Please inform teachers about casting so that if your school plans to attend, they will purchase for the right day and not miss your performance. The same applies to Girl Scout troops. Actual casting of each dancer in each role will be posted on a weekly basis beginning late October and only after the dancer has mastered the choreography. Requests for dancers to be cast with friends for carpooling purposes, etc. cannot be honored by the Artistic Staff. All dancers must be available for all performances (including all school performances and possible snow dates. Casting for Pre-professional parts will be determined over the course of the first two rehearsal weekends.


The Company of Dance Arts is a nonprofit corporation run by volunteers and help is always needed. All parents are expected to donate 20 hours of volunteer time (or buy out). Please be sure to sign up via the online signup that will be emailed to you. 

Permission to leave the premises

Minors are not permitted to leave the premises of the Company of Dance Arts during breaks without written permission from a parent or guardian. Minors may not leave the theaters without a parent or guardian. Please discuss this with your child prior to rehearsals and performances. Written permission signed by parents can be dropped off at the CODA office.


Parents/guardians of minors are responsible for their child’s transportation.


Dancers may bring their own food/water (no glass bottles) from home or purchase food at the studio on Sundays (CODA fundraiser) and are responsible for their own cleanup. Water is always available at no charge from the cooler and you may refill your own plastic water bottle as desired. Only water in plastic bottles may be taken into the studio or warm-up area.


While engaged in rehearsals or performances should be reported immediately to the Artistic Staff and a CODA trustee.


All parents will be scheduled on a rotating basis to help with at least one cleanup after rehearsals on Sundays. 


Tickets will be on sale to the general public through the Count Basie Center for the Arts box office. Tickets will be put aside for dancers’ families and friends and these go on sale once casting is near completion, usually by mid November. That date will be posted and you are encouraged to plan ahead and be prepared with your ticket order at that time, as these tickets sell quickly. In order to be fair to all, please do not ask to or insist on buying tickets before that time in order to get the best seats. Tickets will not be exchanged! CODA Box Office procedures and order forms will be available on the website and in the CODA office. Cash, checks, and major credit cards are accepted.

Training DVDs 

DVDs of The Nutcracker will be available to borrow in the CODA office (you must leave a refundable $20 cash deposit). 


Being a Company dancer requires a serious commitment from you. Participating in this production can be great fun but it is hard work, both in the studio and every week at home practicing in preparation for the next rehearsal. You will be expected to know everything that was covered in previous rehearsals. Time is very valuable and the Artistic Staff cannot waste new rehearsal time re-teaching choreography. You must know your part, and know it well. If you miss a rehearsal due to legitimate illness or for another excused absence, it is your responsibility to find out what was missed before the next rehearsal. If you do not know your choreography, do not apply corrections, miss rehearsals without notifying us, or simply miss an unreasonable number of rehearsals, an understudy will replace you. Remember, your invitation to learn a role was based, in part, on your solid commitment to be present at rehearsals. Parents can help by enabling their dancer to meet these expectations.

The cost for mounting this production is approximately $100,000. With a cast of about 100, $1000 must be raised by CODA for each dancer in order to meet our expenses. CODA expects every dancer to help by selling tickets and Ad Journal ads, and by participating in Company fundraisers. Please buy your tickets for family and friends through CODA- cash, checks, and credit cards accepted.

Consider this information carefully and let us know by Friday, Septenber 20, 2019 if you do not plan to participate. We are telling you the expectations up front so there will be no misunderstandings. 

We look forward to your participation in The Nutcracker!  

Confirm Your Status

Click to confirm  the acceptance of your casting offer on behalf of your dancer. You will then provide additional information regarding your child and have the opportunity to pay all production fees online:

If you do not wish to accept this casting offer, click below and provide your information and that of your child: